Purchasing Terms & Conditions;

In addition to terms specified on Purchase Orders, suppliers shall conform with the following quality clauses;

General Notes;
-Early shipment acceptable
-Unless an exception is specifically called out on the purchase order, a First Article Inspection (FAI) report (including ALL physical, functional and other characteristics defined by the applicable drawings and specifications) is required from the supplier and must be approved by ITS Electronics BEFORE any parts can be shipped by the supplier to ITS Electronics.
-PCBs supplied shall comply with IPC-A-600 latest rev, class as specified on drawings.
-For follow-on production of the same part (each batch), Supplier shall provide a report documenting first-off inspections of all specifications and dimensions on the applicable drawings and specifications.
-Any revision level changes issued by ITS Electronics must be verified by the supplier with a delta FAI and approved by ITS Electronics before proceeding with production deliveries.
-test data (if applicable) will be provided
-Supplier shall prevent the use of counterfeit parts
-Employees shall be made aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, product safety and importance of ethical behaviour
-Supplier shall notify ITS Electronics when there are changes to the processes, products or services, including changes of their location or obsolescence of parts

For Printed Circuit Boards and Machined parts;
-A Raw Material Certificate (photocopy acceptable) shall be provided with EACH shipment of each part on this purchase order. Supplier to keep originals on file for review upon request.

For PCB Assemblies;
-Assembly of all components should be done in accordance to IPC-A-610 (Latest Rev) Class 3.
-Populate all boards, and De-panelize all boards after assembly -All deviations or substitutions require prior written approval by ITS Electronics.

Standard Terms;
1. ITS is pleased to accept the quantities reflected on this purchase order. Overshipments not authorized in advance by ITS Electronics in writing will not be accepted.
2. Manufacturer’s Certificate of Compliance is required with each shipment stating that parts conform in all respects to the Purchase Order, drawings and applicable specifications.
3. A copy of NAFTA Certificate of Origin (if Applicable) is required to attach to each shipment. Lot information, date code, and serial numbers (if applicable) are required. Please record on the packing slip and parts label.
4. Items shall contain NO Mercury, Cadmium, Chromium VI (Hexavalent Chromium), PBB or PBDE. ITS Electronics Inc. shall be notified of exceptions upon receipt of order and given the opportunity to cancel or specify alternate part(s).
5. The supplier shall notify ITS in writing if approval to ship any nonconforming material is required, and shall notify ITS of any change in product, process, suppliers and/or facilities that may affect this order.
6. Right of access shall be granted to ITS, their customer, or regulatory authorities, to all facilities and quality records applicable to this order, if requested for audit purposes.
7. The supplier shall flow down to sub-tier suppliers the preceding requirements in addition to the applicable requirements of this Purchase Order.
8. The supplier shall retain all records related to this purchase order for a minimum of 8 years or as specified by ITS Electronics Inc.