High reliability products to ensure high availability of service

The satellite broadcast industry continues to evolve in order to meet customer expectations for an enriched viewing experience. IP-enabled technology and MPEG-4 compression have emerged as increasingly important technologies for broadcasters and service providers with their transport networks around the globe.

ITS products allow you to do business planning without incurring the expense of a technology refresh.

HTS (High Throughput Satellites) architecture, along with multi-spot beams, offers satellite broadcast operators the opportunity to deliver highly specific content to a variety of different customer bases, especially in the Ka-band frequency region.

ITS Electronics Inc.’s BUCs and SSPAs can provide the satellite broadcast operator with the solutions needed to satisfy wide bandwidth and high RF output power to support all these services, especially with HTS applications.

We have years of product field operation that have demonstrated the performance and reliability of our products in teleport, DSNG, and mobile systems operations. Our products range from the light, small RF BUCs/SSPAs that can be indoor or outdoor mounted, to higher power and higher bandwidth amplifiers used in teleport/gateway terminals.

When there is a news event or live sports event, uplink transmission must work – there is no excuse!

Count on ITS Electronics Inc. to deliver your content around the globe, all the time, every time, to anyone, everywhere.

ITS provides the Broadcaster:

  • High Power
  • Performance
  • Continuous Service and Support
  • Quick DeliveryBroadcast-parts-640px-3