ITS Electronics Inc. designs and manufactures solid and reliable RF solutions; we have command of critical enabling technologies

A few are noted below:

  • Linear/Multi-Carrier Power Amplifiers designs optimized for Digital Modulation including active intermodulation suppression
  • Proven active intermodulation cancellation techniques
  • Linearization
  • GaN and MMIC designs
  • Innovative and efficient Power Combining and Power Control Technology – Highest SSPA in Ka band – Patent
  • Multi-octave Up/Down-Converters and Frequency Translators
  • Very Low Phase Noise PLL Oscillators – Patent
  • Advanced Thermal Management and Packaging Techniques
  • Supported by Chip and Wire Processing Device Technology including MRSI 505 Robotics assembly/inspection/test line

ITS offers complete Build to Print, turnkey services for Chip and Wire modules and assemblies using soft and hard substrates.

In-House State of the Art Clean Room:


Our technical team can review your particular requirements and provide you with a product response that will satisfy your RF communications application.

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Via Satellite August 2011-ITS Bringing you Tomorrow, Today

Untethered liberated communications is what we all demand, so why do we still turn to hardwired “copper” based networks? Wired lines limit our connectivity to the four walls of our stationary homes and offices. In an age where connectivity and communication is a necessity regardless of location, aged hardwire is not the answer. The only logical response to this need is a two-way broadband satellite connection that provides a no excuse global solution for our communication requirements. Whether we are travelling by air, land or sea, the two-way broadband will ensure that connectivity is one less thing that we need to worry about. Though, the question on everybody’s mind is: Does the Satcom industry have a mobile solution with next to stationary “copper” quality?

Via Satellite October 2011-Broadband on the Move–Powered by ITS Electronics CoolBUC

A high-power amplifier is a critical part of any satcom system and one of the most significant contributors to the system performance and cost. For many years, satcom system designers have been faced by the never-ending challenge of choosing between the solid-state solution (SSPA) and the tube solution (TWTA). By now, both solutions are conventionally concluded as having their own pros and cons. As a result, both SSPA and TWTA are operating both worldwide on Earth and in Space. But when every new Satcom system is created, the designer’s question lingers:  which solution will fit the best?