Dare to win

In today’s world, having information readily available is of paramount importance. Everyone wants to have knowledge of what is going on immediately; this is especially true in military applications where success of the mission is based on immediate response to the particular situational awareness taking place. Communications, networking, and information services using satellite technology are all evolving more rapidly than almost any sector of the economy.

RF Technology plays a very critical role in satellite, wireless, or terrestrial network by linking the modern armed forces with information and communication networks to access the cyber domain.

ITS Electronics Inc.’s mandate is to work alongside our system and integration partners in providing the needed RF solutions that connect to the Warfighter without burdening them with size, weight and volume. As well as providing decision-makers with secure high-capacity satellite connectivity for voice, video, data communications and 2-way transfer of intelligent information.

Dassault nEUROn UCAV

 We offer the following RF solutions:

  • L, X, Ku, K, Ka and V-band frequencies
  • Downconverters – COM & SATCOM
  • Upconverters – COM & SATCOM
  • Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs)
  • CDL Multiband SSPAs
  • Transceivers
  • Transmitters
  • Translators – COM and RADAR
  • SATCOM Terminals (for challenging environments
  • Chip and Wire Built to print (soft and hard substrate

Additionally, these solutions are power efficient, reliable, performance driven, and of course, cost-effective to deal with budget constraints.

COTS RF technologies with ITS Electronics’ existing products are mature, proven reliable and robust. These are easily deployed, scalable and for use in any moving platform including airborne and UAV applications.

Qualifications / Certifications:

  • MIL-STD -810
  • MIL-188-164